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The Seven Wonders of the luxury world

Most of us will never be billionaires – but we can dream right? If you have been lucky enough to receive jewellery, a fine watch or vintage wine as a gift — it’s a good idea to look after it carefully. Some of the world’s most valuable items are heirlooms that people have held onto for years.

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Dealing with CRAP – the forgotten secret of success

It often seems every time we try to improve our lives, our relationships or our business we encounter more unwanted challenges in the process. This is why the majority of people that set themselves a goal never actually achieve it. They are unprepared for CRAP. We explore the four challenges that comprise CRAP (Criticism – Rejection – Apathy – Pressure) and how to manage these to set up a great platform for future success. 

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Busker to billionaire

Cirque Du Soleil is a Canadian entertainment company that is the largest theatrical producer in the world. Founded by two former street performers it has grown from humble beginnings to shows in over 300 cities on every continent except Antarctica. The inspirational story of co-founder Guy Laliberté and the evolution of this amazing entertainment phenomenon is a must read.

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Look beyond the mainstream leaders

Securing finance for your company’s plant and equipment can be a daunting exercise, but doesn’t need to be. Whether you require a finance advisor, a specialist in plant and equipment finance, or you simply want to ask some questions about your options, a call to our office will help guide you through the maze. In the meantime, here are the fundamentals.

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Questions to Adani from Four Corners

For anyone that didn’t see Four Corners this week, the show was what many would call a ‘stitch up’ on the Australian coal industry and in particular, Adani and the proposed Carmichael Project. The Adani responses, which weren’t aired on the show are attached.

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Coal in India

For those taking note of all the negative news on the coal industry and the impact on our regional economy, the following report may be of interest. Prepared by the office of the Chief Economist, Department of Industry and Science, it presents a more positive future for the Australian coal industry.

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Equipment fraud on the rise

Have you ever thought about how you manage your heavy equipment and tools of trade? Is it secure and protected? As anti-crime technology has made it harder for criminals to steal and dispose of cars, equipment fraud is on the rise.

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Two industries moving in different directions

Cars and trains are the two primary modes of passenger transport in Australia, but by 2017, cars will be produced solely overseas. Both the motor vehicle manufacturing industry and the railway equipment manufacturing and repair industry have faced sustained strong import penetration and high local wage costs over the past five years. In spite of this, the two industries are on divergent paths

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The lowdown on cloud accounting

Unsurprisingly, small business owners have many common frustrations when it comes to maintaining the company books and tax compliance. With the right platform to run your business books, you now have the technology to minimise these frustrations leaving you to focus on achieving your business goals and lowering total compliance costs. With improvements in technology and internet access, internet (cloud) based software has emerged and become a real growth industry because of the advantage it provides.

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The stages of business growth

Just as economic cycles move their way around ‘The Economic Clock’ so too businesses move through a lifecycle of clearly identifiable stages of business growth.To understand your priorities at any one point is vital to know where you are and what’s coming next

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Coach your team to win

Do you see a synergy between business and an elite sports team? John Buchanan does. The former Head Coach of the Australian cricket team has built a successful career as a business coach applying his leadership and team building strategies to businesses struggling to reach their performance goals. We interview John to get his take on coach your team to win

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Select once, select right and save

Every business owner will agree that finding the ‘right’ person for a job is often difficult. Gaining as much information about a candidate ‘up front’ is the key to not only finding the best person for the job, but one that is a great fit with your team and with potential for future development. We take a look at the benefits of psychological assessment as part of the recruitment process. 

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Negotiating the purchase of commercial property

Negotiating the purchase of a commercial property can be a tricky business. There are a number of key areas to consider prior to purchase. For potential buyers these may cause some anxiety but for an expert negotiator these areas can represent an opportunity to negotiate a better purchase outcome. Research is the key.

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If you need it, do you have it?

Every business needs insurance but often during the process of starting out in business the importance of insurance can be overlooked. In this article we discuss both the essential and non-essential (but helpful to have) insurance options for business. Sometimes you don’t know what you NEED until you don’t have it!

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Don’t go wasting my time…Tips for more efficient meetings

A recent survey showed employees of a large software company considered half of the meetings they attended each month were a waste of time. They were actually losing 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings! So how do your meetings compare? We take a look at the top tips to make meetings more efficient.

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Crowdfunding – what’s it all about?

Crowdfunding. You’ve no doubt heard about it but while it might be one of the cool new kids on the block there is no doubt it has limitations as a viable funding option for business. In Australia, the legislative framework is a work in progress – there is still much to be defined. In this article we explain crowdfunding and what it’s all about. 

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Business owners forced to educate

Starting a small business is fraught with uncertainty, but there are steps you can take to improve your chances of success. One of the most important strategies is for business owners to become better educated and improve their management skills. We explore why many are choosing to do this through the option of an MBA

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Agricultural tariff trial

The trial will give farmers the chance to test off-peak and demand-based electricity tariffs under the Regional Business Support package to save money on their electricity bill . 

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Change, adapt or perish

Technology has transformed our lives over recent decades and will continue to do so well into the future. For any business – large or small – the ability to adapt to change and manage its impact can mean the difference between success… and failure. In this article, we take a look at two major corporations and how they managed change – with VERY different results. 

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Rules of investing through an SMSF

Self managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) are one area of frequent scrutiny and much debate. While investment opportunities are significant, it is important to seek guidance through the myriad of regulations governing superannuation savings and taxation obligations. This article explores some of the regulations that you need to know when investing through SMSF. 

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